How Our Country and Our World Came to THIS, and How We Can Rise Up

Photography by: Brett Sayles

Photography by: Brett Sayles

Now is our time. 

Our time to shine.

Our time to step up and share who we are- as individuals, as psychics, as healers, as lovers- with the world.

Our country and our world have flipped to the shadow side. Perhaps that is why Brexit happened. Perhaps that is why Isis is happening. Perhaps that is why Trump was voted into office. The world is turning and churning, the scales of darkness and light flipping back and forth and on top of themselves and rolling around like maggots in a treehouse.

Many people are scared right now, and that is okay. I, myself, was very fearful yesterday and the day before, and even a little bit today. But now, I am excited- let me tell you why.

I am excited because all of this ugly underbelly of our society has been drudged up: the racism, the misogyny, the homophobia, the anti-Muslim agenda, and so much more. Am I excited because these things are happening? No. Absolutely not. I am excited because you can’t weed a garden until the weeds sprout up. You cannot take out what is not seen. All of this racism and sexism and everything else was already here- it was just hidden in the shadows; hidden under the surface, bubbling and simmering away. These events have only been the spotlight and the “permission’’ for these feelings and thoughts and ideals to come out from under the surface and be illuminated.

When all of these events started happening (Isis, Brexit, Trump, etc.), I was first shocked. But looking back on the astrology and numerology of this year, it all begins to make perfect sense to me.

Astrologically, we have been forced, all year, to look at the deepest, darkest parts of ourselves. Not only have we had a several Mercury Retrogrades this year (the change of route on the planet that manages our communication and technology skills), but we have had several eclipses- both lunar (emotions) and solar (personality)- within a span of a few months. Two of these eclipses fell on equinoxes, which represent the balance between light and dark. We also had a Black Moon in September on one side of the world and in October on the other side, which presented two darknesses through which we had to navigate in one month.

To contrast the dark, we also have three full super moons in a row- a very rare ordeal (there are usually only one or two in a year, and they are rarely close together). The first was last month’s October full moon in Aries, which brought about the fire and the light to illuminate our shadows, and burn what no longer served us. On Monday evening, 14 November, we will not only have the largest super moon of the three, but also the closest moon to earth (making it the largest appearing) in almost 70 years! A super moon this close is not due to appear again for another 15 years, or so. This next one will be in Taurus, giving us the grounding energy we need for our high emotions- emotions that run even higher with the tides, and with the fullness of the moon. The closer the moon is to earth, the more we are effected! The December full supermoon will be in Gemini, just soon enough to end the year with a light flight that will bring us out of the heaviness of 2016 and into the new year.

In addition to all of this, the planets have been doing crazy stuff! In January we had Jupiter Retrograde, putting our finances and jobs out of whack. In March, Saturn went retrograde, putting societal responsibilities and social limitations out of whack. After that we had Mars (how we communicate in conflict), Pluto (generational sense of purpose), Neptune (spirituality and enlightenment), and Uranus (rebelliousness towards innovation and progress) all go into retrograde. Then all went direct but Neptune and Uranus.

In other words, all of the planets turned our rocks over to expose the dirt underneath them, and when they flipped back over- back on top of our dirt- we could no longer ignore what was underneath them. All of this effected us as individuals, and as a society! So that dark underbelly was exposed and brought out- the weeds turned from seeds to grown- and now we see it all in its full, monstrous spotlight.

It’s interesting that the only two planets that are still in retrograde are Neptune (until 19 November, just after our lovely grounding supermoon), and Uranus (until 29 December, just after our lovely, airy supermoon). I say this is interesting because our spirituality will continue to be looked at through magnifiers until probably a week or two after Neptune goes direct toward the end of the month. We will be forced to question who we are, why we’re here, what we truly believe in, our morals and values, and our own personal power as divine and enlightened human beings. Many people could come to have some large spiritual awakenings in the next few weeks, if they haven’t already in the last few months. This will especially be heightened with the coming of this month’s oh-so-close moon, but in a balanced and grounded way that we as individuals, and as a society are hurting for at this point in time (balance and grounding).

In addition, Uranus’s rebelliousness factor is flipped until the end of the year- juuuust before our year changes, numerologically, from a 9 to a 1 (which I will explain, momentarily). This could manifest in a few different ways 1) the rebelliousness that the White Male Supremacy America represents could stay in place until the end of the year before it simply dies down or there is a large awakening of some sort; 2) The rebelliousness within the people against the WMSA movement will continue to come out from under the rock in an even stronger fashion until it is no longer needed after the end of the year; 3) Both forms of rebelliousness could come out to play against each other until one of them concedes or is close to eradicated, or until they come to a mutual agreement and understanding of one another. 4) With Neptune going direct, there might potentially be enough spiritual awakening to start an even newer revolution! This full December moon might give even more way to this, as our grounding energy from the November full moon is met with the loftiness of the not-as-close (but still really freaking close) Gemini full moon.

In terms of the numerology, we are in a 9 year, this year. 2+0+1+6= 9. This means that we are at the end of a cycle before we start again at 1. 9 represents endings.

Sorting through all of your baggage to figure out what you want to keep or what you want to give away, or even maybe what you want to keep in a different area of your life than it was, before. 9 is about shedding skin. It’s about emerging a newer and better version of yourself. It’s about watching your old self- your old thoughts, patterns, and dislikes- melt away with a gratitude for the lessons you might have learned from them, however harshly.

That is also what we are doing in our world, and in our country right now. Many of us have been feeling this on both levels- as the collective and as the individual, and the energy has been really intense! Not to mention, this build-up with the election… The election takes place in November. November is an 11. 11’s are portals- Doorways. So we have stepped through that portal in our 9 year, and now we have to figure out what we want or need to shed, and what we are willing to put up with, because next year we will have the opportunity to start over fresh, and new, as 1’s (2+0+1+7=10. 1+0= 1). Yes, Trump takes office in 2017, BUT, before that happens, we have the right to decide what we will and won’t put up with at that time, and how we will meet the bigotry.

So now we have to decide.

Do we want to lead with fear, or do we want to lead with love?

Do we want to fight our shadows, or live through them and learn to send them love so that they- and we- can heal?

All of these crazy world events have paved the way.

They have paved the way for ill-will, death, violence, tumbling economies, tumbling cultures and countries and democracies.

But they have also paved the way for Chance. A chance to love. A chance to band together. A chance to face our shadows- to bring them into the light where they cannot hide, and to pierce their hearts with the strength of our own.

Now is our time to step in.

To step up.

To live life and conquer life as our truest selves.

To live in the light where everything can be seen, where we cannot hide, where fear cannot, does not, and will not drive us.

Now is our time to step into ourselves and love.

May facing your shadows bring you peace.

xx D2S <3


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